Mon. Mar 20th, 2023

    Fox News Hosts in Unison: Have a Migrant Sleepover, Obama!

    Fox News

    All four of Fox News’ primetime hosts were on the same page Thursday in their response to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis flying about 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard the day before: Island resident and former President Barack Obama should throw open his doors and welcome the surprise newcomers.

    First, Jesse Watters played a clip of a female Martha’s Vineyard resident telling reporters matter-of-factly that the Massachusetts island isn’t equipped to house and otherwise support that many migrants all of a sudden.

    “You don’t have housing for 50 more people? Do you think El Paso has housing for 50,000 more people?” Watters said. “How many bedrooms does Obama’s mansion have? I mean, I’m guessing it sleeps at least 50. Tell Barack to pitch that tent again, you know, the one that he had for his 60th birthday party? That little superspreader event? No room? Come on. Look at all that room!”

    Read more at The Daily Beast.


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