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Brutal question Melissa Caddick’s husband was asked before he cried

Fraudster Melissa Caddick’s ‘confused’ husband has burst into tears as he was questioned over an inconsistency over his wife’s disappearance – while tensions reached a breaking point when a frustrated lawyer asked if he could read.

Anthony Koletti returned to the witness box at the NSW Coroners Court inquiry into his wife’s disappearance and presumed death on Wednesday.

Award-winning journalist Kate McClymont, who investigated Ms Caddick’s disappearance on her podcast Liar Liar, said Koletti began to cry after he found it increasingly difficult to follow the procedure.

Tensions reached a breaking point when Jason Downing SC, counsel assisting Deputy Coroner Elizabeth Ryan, asked Mr Koletti if he was able to read.

“Mr. Koletti, you can read, can’t you?” Mr Downing asked to which Mrs Caddick’s husband replied ‘I am so confused by your questions’.

Anthony Koletti has burst into tears as he was questioned over an inconsistency over the disappearance of his wife Melissa Caddick (pictured, the couple in happier times)

McClymont tweeted that Mr Koletti appeared to be crying after questioning and that he had been asked by a lawyer assisting the coroner if he was able to read

In a series of live tweets from the court, McClymont said there was a 15-minute break to allow Koletti to calm himself and “collect his thoughts.”

“The coroner said the questions were legitimate but it had to be determined if he is mentally incapable of continuing due to distress,” she tweeted.

Just after 1pm, the coroner announced that Mr Koletti would be released as a witness and said, “If you can’t focus on the questions and give truthful answers, it won’t help me.”

He had told Mr Downing earlier on the morning of her disappearance on 12 November 2020 that he assumed Mrs Caddick had gone out to play sports.

“I thought nothing of it… she just went for a walk, which she does every day, no problem,” he told police in an interview.

As proof, Mr. Koletti agreed that his wife had no habits, that her exercise regimen was irregular, and by that stage she was mostly jogging on the treadmill.

Tensions had reached a breaking point when Jason Downing SC, counsel assisting Deputy Coroner Elizabeth Ryan, asked Mr Koletti (pictured) if he was able to read

Mr. Koletti recalls the moment when he and Mrs. Caddick (pictured) fell in love during a secret meeting and formed an “intimate friendship” while she was still married

Mr Downing went on to question Mr Koletti on Wednesday about this inconsistency, asking if he was now trying to justify his answers.

“One of the accounts must not be true,” Mr. Downing said.

“I suppose so, yes,” said Mr. Koletti.

“Why do you guess?” said Mr Downing.

“Since your questions are confusing, the way you talk is not the way my mind works,” Mr. Koletti said.

‘Everyone has a different opinion. You have to understand that. I don’t think you do. I’ve been through a lot, in case you haven’t noticed.’

Mr. Koletti was taken to his statement, but the confusion persisted.

“You can read, can’t you?” said Mr Downing.

“I am so confused by your questions,” replied Mr. Koletti.

Wednesday just after 1pm, the coroner announced Mr Koletti (the Tuesday in the photo would be released from giving evidence after he became ‘confused’ and ‘disturbed’

The questions then centered on where her phone was found, by whom, and when. Koletti had told police a different version than his evidence in court.

“You’re just going around in circles like you used to,” Mr. Koletti said.

“I can’t answer these questions over and over.”

His attorney Judy Swan intervened, saying her client found the trial troubling but wanted it to be over.

He’s trying to answer to the best of his ability, but he’s clearly struggling with the nuances,” said Mrs Swan. “I don’t know if it’s a mental disconnect or a general disconnect. He’s upset and has been for a while.’

Deputy Coroner Elizabeth Ryan said counsel’s questions were legitimate and that it was her duty to determine whether Ms. Caddick is still alive, and if not, the manner and cause of her death.

She asks if Mr. Koletti is mentally incapable of continuing, otherwise he was expected to continue answering questions.

Mr Downing said he understood Mr Koletti’s desire to complete the trial, but his evidence would not help the investigation if he was too upset.

The inquest will continue with evidence from an oceanographer.

Koletti said on Tuesday that he had always been honest, but admitted there may have been times when his “cables were crossed” because of his concerns and concerns.

He claims he had no idea his wife was defrauding family and friends out of millions of dollars, nor did he ask her why federal police or members of ASIC were suddenly searching their home in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

It was Mrs. Caddick’s last verified sighting before she disappeared without a trace.

Anthony Koletti pasted a post-in note (pictured) to his wife’s phone next to an early Christmas present the morning she disappeared on November 12, 2020

Melissa Caddick’s husband said he sent her several text messages (pictured) the morning she disappeared before discovering she’d left her phone in their walk-in closet

The revelations come after the inquest received a romantic post-it and frantic text messages Koletti sent Mrs. Caddick the morning she disappeared.

Mr Koletti sent his wife several text messages when she was still not home by 7:16 AM.

‘Are you OK?’ asked one. He then asked if she had her house key before discovering that her phone was still charging in their walk-in closet.

Koletti said he stuck a bright pink post-it on her phone, along with a pair of earrings as a surprise gift.

“Melissa I no (sic) our love is deeper than possessions (sic),” he wrote.

“Thought you might like one of your Christmas (sic) early. All my Love.’

Melissa Caddick’s former home in Dover Heights (pictured) is currently for sale. It took extensive repairs, cleaning and maintenance after Mrs. Caddick’s husband was evicted

In February 2021, Mrs Caddick’s decomposing foot, encased in an Asics shoe, washed ashore on Bournda Beach on the south coast of NSW, about 400 km south of Sydney.

She mainly preyed on friends and family and stole up to $30 million between 2013 and 2020, counsel who represented Jason Downing SC previously told the court.

The inquest for Deputy Coroner Elizabeth Ryan continues.


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