Thu. Mar 30th, 2023

    Two men, 23, are arrested for robbing controversial NYC ‘bling bishop’ as he livestreamed a sermon

    Two young men were arrested early Wednesday in the robbery of Brooklyn’s flashy and controversial Bishop Lamor Whitehead, which was caught on camera in July.

    Juwan Anderson and Say-Quan Pollack, both 23, were charged with federal theft for allegedly breaking into the church and pointing guns at Whitehead while he was delivering a sermon that was being broadcast.

    The thieves reportedly made off with more than $400.00 worth of jewelry from the ostentatious bishop.

    Exhibit photos show members of the group that robbed Bishop Lamor Whitehead as he delivered a sermon on July 24.

    Two of the men who carried out the robbery, both 23 years old, were arrested and charged on Wednesday

    Initially, some speculated that Whitehead played a role in organizing the robbery, but experts close to the investigation say that is not the case.

    Whitehead told the Daily News on Wednesday that he is “extremely happy” that two of the alleged robbers have been apprehended.

    ‘My wife was crying when she heard the news. We are waiting for the last one to be arrested so we can get on with our lives,’ she added.

    The bishop driving a Rolls-Royce was assaulted on July 24 while speaking to his congregation when the men stormed Tomorrow’s Leaders International Ministries in Brooklyn, New York.

    Whitehead has been the subject of speculation that the heist was staged, but News reports that a source close to the investigation said there was no indication that Bishop played a role in the robbery.

    Authorities believe the bishop was targeted because he was known to wear flashy, expensive jewelry in the pulpit.

    “This clears up the entire narrative that I had something to do with this crime,” Whitehead said.

    He said he will attend the Brooklyn Federal Court hearing for the two suspects scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

    Two suspects were arrested early Wednesday for allegedly robbing Whitehead during a sermon he was livestreaming at his Brooklyn congregation. A third participant in the robbery has not yet been arrested.

    Bishop Lamor Whitehead attends federal court in Brooklyn for the arraignment of the two suspects who allegedly robbed him while he was broadcasting a service in July.

    The humble church located at 922 Remsen Ave. in Brooklyn sits alongside other restaurants and studios on the block.

    Whitehead founded his Brooklyn-based ministry, registered as a for-profit company, in March 2014. The bishop has been active in fundraising through self-created youth mentoring programs.

    Whitehead seen here sporting a Gucci blazer inside his Roll Royce

    Whitehead previously spent five years in prison on identity fraud and grand theft charges, though he has been connected to New York Mayor Eric Adams since 2013.

    Whitehead showed off his display of Fendi and Gucci jackets along with his ‘priestly robes and more’

    Just weeks after the robbery, Whitehead tempted fate by posting a tour of his “prayer closet,” which could double as a designer warehouse.

    Bishop showed viewers his vast collection of designer goods, including several Gucci and Fendi blazers and a significant collection of designer shoes.

    Whitehead was recently accused of stealing the savings of one of his parishioners, according to a separate Brooklyn lawsuit detailed by the New York Post.

    Pauline Anderson, 56, accused Whitehead of convincing her to hand over her life savings of $90,000 with the understanding that he would then buy and renovate a house for her.

    The bishop also reportedly said he would pay the woman $100 a month because savings had been her only source of income.

    But the monthly allowance was paid only once, and Whitehead eventually stopped responding to Anderson’s inquiries about the state of his house.

    He later allegedly told the woman that he had invested his money in her company and that he was not required to pay it back.

    The spiritual leader previously spent five years behind bars on charges of identity fraud and grand theft.

    But a prison sentence and a public robbery haven’t stopped him from becoming close to New York Mayor Eric Adams and generally continuing his extravagant lifestyle.

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