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    Thousands shocked by Australian shopper’s small $7 food court meal amid rising cost of living

    You’ll never believe an Aussie diner paid the staggering cost for this ‘sad’ food court meal: ‘That should be a crime’

    An Aussie diner was furious after paying $17 for a small meal from a food court
    The shopper bought a small Chinese takeaway with an orange juice
    She shared the meal with Reddit and received thousands of shocked comments



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    An Australian shopper has shared their shock at the price of a small meal and drink she bought at a food court.

    The small Chinese takeaway and an orange juice cost her a whopping $17.

    She posted an image of the “pathetic” dish on Reddit, shocking more than 25,000 users and drawing hundreds of outraged comments.

    A restaurant shocked thousands after sharing outrage over paying $17 for a small takeaway and drink at a food court

    The restaurant said she had “two hours to kill” and regretted buying the food she bought because she didn’t want to go hungry.

    ‘I have food in the house and that was the plan. But now I had to kill two hours. So I chose to go to the food court instead of driving 45 minutes home and back, either way,” she explained.

    Regret it for the price it was. I should have just starved until I got home after 3:30 pm.’

    Redditors were quick to express their anger at the “excessive” cost of the small meal amid the rising cost of living.

    “That should be a crime. Take them to the food court,” someone joked.

    “Who knew you could buy grief…” he joked for a moment.

    ‘What I don’t understand is the business model here. They’re asking $17 for a bottle of juice and a small bowl… food style brown bits? And they get one sale and one customer who probably won’t come back,” a third wondered.


    How much would you expect to pay for this meal?

    Less than $5 69 votes
    $5-$10 315 votes
    $10-$15 62 votes
    $15+ 9 votes

    Others complained about skyrocketing food prices and shared the ridiculous cost of the meals they had bought.

    “Ordered from an Indian restaurant a few weeks ago, two chicken dishes, two large rice, and a portion of naan…$80,” one man said.

    ‘I was in the QVB building this morning. Ordered a small coffee and a brekky wrap. $21!!!’ exclaimed another.

    “The food truck craze in Perth right now is doing the same. Each food item is 15 to 17 each and I know a plate of pasta costs a lot less to make. Standard Australian price gouging,” wrote a third.

    However, some had no sympathy for the diner who asked why she would buy the expensive meal in the first place.

    ‘You should know the price on the menu before you buy it, but you buy it anyway. Why complain afterwards? It’s not like they ripped you off or anything,” one commented.

    “So why did you choose to pay for that and not make the choice as a consumer instead to support another company? Did you just feel like voluntarily choosing to waste your money and then fuck for influence?’ asked another.

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