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    Rebekah Vardy shares sweet picture from tropical family holiday destination

    Rebekah Vardy took to Instagram on Monday to share a sweet family photo from a tropical vacation destination.

    She wore a pretty sundress as she posed with her husband, footballer Jamie Vardy, and four of their children, captioning it: “Family time.”

    The image comes after Rebekah sensationally claimed she was ‘framed’ during the Wagatha Christie affair, months after losing the high-profile court battle.

    ‘Family time’: Rebekah Vardy shared a sweet Instagram photo from a tropical vacation destination on Monday after claiming she was ‘framed’ in the Wagatha Christie trial

    No doubt she was looking forward to distracting herself after a stressful few months.

    She teamed a mini dress with cream Chanel sliders as she snuggled up with her family.

    Rebekah and Jamie have three together Sofia, seven, Finley, four, and Olivia, two.

    Jamie has a daughter, Ella, 11, with a former partner and Rebekah has Meghan, 17, and Taylor, 11, from previous relationships.

    Rebekah took Coleen Rooney to court for defamation, and lost, after Coleen claimed in October 2019 that Ms Vardy’s social media account was leaking stories about her to the press.

    In an interview for a new documentary, which will examine both sides of the bitter courtroom standoff, he says: “I wonder how easy it would be to set someone up in such a way that it looks like they’re the only person who’s seen those [leaked Instagram] posts?

    She added: “I find it absolutely unbelievable to this day that he said no one else knew about this.”

    During the High Court trial, Judge Steyn said in her July ruling that it was “likely” that Ms Vardy’s agent, Caroline Watt, “performed the direct act” of passing information to The Sun.

    The judge said: “The evidence clearly shows, in my opinion, that Ms Vardy knew of and tolerated this behaviour, actively participating in it.”

    Rebecca, 40, was ordered to pay up to £1.5m in Ms Rooney’s legal fees after losing the case.

    But the Leicester and England footballer’s wife, Jamie, continues to insist that she was not to blame.

    And in the new documentary series, Vardy vs Rooney: The Wagatha Trial, which will air on Discovery+ from Saturday, Ms Vardy also claims that a mole is still leaking Rooney stories to The Sun, which she says, it also proves his innocence.

    “The irony is that ever since I was unfollowed, the stories about the Rooneys have been coming up fast,” she said.

    A friend of Ms Vardy said a story in The Sun earlier this year, suggesting Wayne Rooney would have a ‘chaperon’ when away from Ms Rooney, 36, working in the US, aroused the suspicions of Mrs. Vardy.

    Ms Vardy, a mother of five, is belligerent in the documentary, giving an interview dressed from head to toe in black leather.

    At one point, she says, “I have zero tolerance for this nonsense,” adding, “I just find all of this really fucking weird.”

    She was on holiday in Dubai with her husband when Ms Rooney made the allegations on Twitter and Instagram about the leaks. Ms Vardy said: ‘At that time I felt physically ill. I think it must have been the biggest panic attack. I was totally shocked. What to do next? That’s the million dollar question.

    ‘I couldn’t understand why someone would do that. Why would someone do that knowing that someone is vulnerable, knowing the impact that something like that is going to cause? It’s going to cause an a*** storm, a massive one, and it did.”

    She said being in court was a “surreal” experience. And, referring to a false story about a flooded basement in Ms Rooney’s new Cheshire mansion, which Ms Rooney posted and used to link the leaks to Ms Vardy’s account, she said: “The first time that i read about the flooded basement was in the daily mail online i love how i get blamed for that, unbelievable.

    ‘If I had been selling stories, where are the messages saying ‘give this to The Sun’? ‘Make sure I get paid for this.’ Where are they? There are none, because they do not exist.

    Ms Vardy said Ms Rooney’s legal team must have been “desperate” to bring up her story of kissing and telling about Peter Andre.

    Ms Vardy’s friends, including fellow WAG Nicola McLean, insist she was treated “appallingly” by her rival’s lawyer, in a High Court case billed as the most calamitous libel claim in history.

    Early in the trial, Ms Rooney’s lawyer, David Sherborne, questioned Ms Vardy about an interview she gave to the News Of The World, in which she reportedly detailed an alleged sexual encounter with singer peter andre Mr Sherborne showed an A3 printout of the story to Mrs Vardy reading the headline: “Peter is hung like a little Chipolata, shaved, slimy, lasts five minutes”.

    After an alleged one-night stand in 2001, Rebekah sold her story to the tabloid, in which she is quoted as saying, “When he dropped his pants, I couldn’t believe it.” She was like a miniature chipolata.

    When asked about her rude comments in court, Rebekah claimed she had been “misrepresented” in the story, saying an abusive ex-partner had forced her to do the interview.

    Vardy also repeats the claim that he has no recollection of seeing a text from Ms Watt in which the agent, discussing selling stories about Ms Rooney, said: “It was me.”

    The High Court imposed a punitive charge for court costs and told Ms Vardy to pay 90 per cent of Ms Rooney’s costs.

    This was partly because crucial evidence was destroyed after Ms Watt accidentally dropped her phone in the North Sea.

    The documentary features a text exchange between Ms. Vardy and Ms. Rooney that took place minutes after Ms. Rooney made her first online accusation against Ms. Vardy. Mrs. Vardy asks: ‘What is this?’ and Mrs. Rooney says, ‘You know what it is.’ Ms. Vardy then says, “I’ve NEVER given anyone anything about you,” to which Ms. Rooney replies, “It’s your Instagram.” Ms Vardy says: ‘I’m so disappointed that you think I’d do that. I’m seven months pregnant and you’re trying to give me shit.

    A friend of Ms Rooney said yesterday: “The court’s ruling was absolutely clear on the facts of this case and also on the nature of the evidence that Ms Vardy presented.”

    Ms Vardy was ordered to pay 90 per cent of Ms Rooney’s legal fees. Ms Rooney’s legal team have yet to produce a final total of costs, but the latest figure submitted to the court was £1,667,860. If that remains unchanged, 90 per cent of that would be £1.5m.

    Judge Steyn decided 90 per cent, acknowledging that there were certain issues that justified Ms Rooney paying for part of the case, including her “weak” allegation that Ms Vardy was one of the people behind the gossip column.” Secret Wag” from The Sun that it had “considerably increased” the work of Ms Vardy’s lawyers.

    The full amount of Ms. Vardy’s legal costs is unknown, but is expected to be of a similar level to Ms. Rooney’s.

    The final figure may be reduced if Ms Vardy does not agree to pay 90 per cent and some costs are later found unreasonable by a court.


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