Sun. Jan 29th, 2023
Videos Show Club Q Suspect Threatening to ‘Blow’ Mom’s House ‘to Holy Hell’

The Daily Beast

When mass shooting suspect Anderson Lee Aldrich pulled up last year to the home in Colorado Springs where his mom was living, Laura Voepel herded her two dogs into their crate and scrambled outside to help her son with his suitcase.

As the two headed back toward the front door, Aldrich, 21, could be heard saying in security camera footage obtained by The Daily Beast, “Today I die. That’s what happens. They don’t give a fuck about me anymore. Really.”

In a separate video from that day, which was livestreamed to Facebook by Voepel and provided to The Daily Beast by a source close to the family, Aldrich can be seen inside, wandering from room to room, in a tactical helmet, bulletproof vest, and carrying a long black object in his hands.

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