Mon. Feb 6th, 2023
Latest News: World Cup fans are CONVINCED that Argentina fell to their shock Saudi Arabia defeat on purpose

World Cup fans are CONVINCED Argentina have been shocked by a deliberate defeat of Saudi Arabia… with eagle-eyed supporters pointing out that Lionel Messi and co-arch-rival Brazil will dodge the knockouts by finishing second in Group C







Skeptical football fans have theorized that Argentina lost to Saudi Arabia on purpose to avoid playing Brazil until the World Cup final.

The South Americans suffered one of the biggest upsets in World Cup history on Tuesday when they were beaten 2-1, a result that means they will now likely need to win both of their remaining matches to top their group.

As Brazil were expected to progress through Group G with ease, they were expected to meet Argentina in the semi-finals if all went according to plan, but if Argentina finish second in their group, they will fall on the other side of the draw.

Several fans have suggested that Argentina lost to Saudi Arabia on purpose to avoid Brazil

The Asian side defeated Lionel Messi and co. 2-1 in one of the greatest World Cup shocks of all time

Several Twitter users have floated the idea that Lionel Messi and co. deliberately lost to avoid their rivals as they tasted defeat for the first time in 37 caps.

“Argentina lost on purpose so they can avoid Brazil until the end and from now on they won’t lose anymore, they’ll be undefeated all the way to the final and win everything,” said one user.

“Am I the only one who thinks Argentina lost on purpose to take 2nd place in the group?” asked briefly.

A third added: “They can’t afford to have any more blunders here.”

The side will play against Mexico on Saturday in what is now a crucial match in Group C, with Saudi Arabia looking to qualify by taking on Poland on the same day.

Theories suggested they lost on purpose to fall on the other side of the draw to Brazil


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