Sun. Jan 29th, 2023
Take Back Your Day With These Liver-Soothing Anti-Hangover Pills That Actually Work

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There are few things I look forward to more than going out with my friends and grabbing a drink at a bar around town. This has been a cornerstone of my social life since I was 21 (and possibly before then). However, as I continue to age, my body simply does not bounce back as quickly the next day as it used to, leading to violent hangovers that I never dreamed were possible in my earlier years. Honestly, I used to wake up the day after a night out drinking, ready to run a 5K and write a research paper when I was in college, and now I can barely make it out of bed to get a bowl of cereal after a night out. This is largely due to my body not processing the alcoholic enzymes created as quickly or efficiently as it used to in my younger years, alongside severe, alcohol-induced dehydration.

To prevent hangovers, there are a few options: I could either wallow in my self-pity and suffer through them, stop drinking entirely (very unlikely) or find ways to help support my body and liver (and prevent feeling horribly ill the morning after a night out). While there is a slew of alleged hangover cures, from tried-and-true classics like chugging Pedialyte and eating greasy food, to more unusual hangover solutions like taking a shot of pickle juice or popping some Midol (yes, the menstrual relief aid), there are now several different hangover and drinking supplements designed specifically to help you enjoy your night out and reduce your hangover symptoms in the morning. Plus, many of these anti-hangover pills also contain ingredients to help the body and liver detoxify. So, if you are looking for a possible solution to cure (and prevent) your morning-after blues, these hangover recovery supplements might just be the answer.

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