Sun. Jan 29th, 2023
Daisy Ridley’s Acting Tour de Force Is Stunning Sundance

Courtesy of Sundance

There’s a moment early on in Sometimes I Think About Dying, the buzzy dark comedy that premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, that might be the most succinct depiction of depression ever put to screen.

After returning home from her humdrum office job, quiet accountant Fran (a sublime Daisy Ridley) slathers a boatload of cottage cheese onto some microwaveable, Salisbury steak-looking slab of protein. That’s what we would call a “depression meal,” as in the random amalgamation of stuff in your kitchen that you throw together and eat standing up. Contemplation of your body, laying lifeless in a serene forest is optional—but often, the two are a package deal.

Sundance is the first opportunity in a new year that stars have to come out swinging. In the span of only a few short days, actors have the chance to impress jurors, critics, and audiences so considerably that their names might stay on everyone’s lips for the next year.

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