Sun. Jan 29th, 2023
Bobbi Brown’s Jones Road Beauty Launched a New Bronzer That’ll Give You a Post-Vacation Glow

Jones Road/Scouted/The Daily Beast

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One would think Bobbi Brown did not need to launch a new brand. After selling her eponymously named company in 1995 to Estée Lauder for a hefty sum, it would be 25 long years before the non-compete expired. Yet on the very day she was legally free to do so–she did. In a time when heavy contouring and fake lashes were on-trend, she set out to reinvent the modern aesthetic for women (yet again) with Jones Road Beauty. The brand encourages you to let your natural beauty shine with minimalist, multi-tasking products that are easy to apply and universally-flattering.

I was lucky enough to try out the existing Jones Road Beauty line, which includes a flawless foundation, the famed Miracle Balm, and my new favorite lipsticks. The WTF foundation is a game changer because I was averse to wearing one for so long–yet this formula is truly skincare masquerading as makeup. It’s doing double duty as my everyday moisturizer, keeping skin hydrated even in winter–while still looking like me, only better. My makeup artist Fariza picked shades I might’ve not chosen but ended up being undeniably perfect. To help you find your perfect shade, there’s an online quiz, or you can send an email for personalized matching.

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