Sun. Jan 29th, 2023
Oscar Nominee Stephanie Hsu Is Finally Getting Her Due

Allyson Riggs

Stephanie Hsu is finally getting her flowers. On Tuesday morning, Hsu received an Oscar nomination for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Everything Everywhere All at Once—a nod that should come as no surprise, given her astounding performance. After her shut-out at the Golden Globes, however, fans are taking nothing for granted.

It’s hard to overstate how explosive Hsu is in Everything Everywhere All at Once. She plays Yeoh’s stifled daughter, Joy Wang, in the film’s “real world”—but in a parallel dimension, she’s Jobu Tupaki, a powerful, universe-shifting entity wracked with nihilism (and clad in exquisitely glittery costumes). Equal parts sympathetic and terrifying, Hsu’s performance both anchors the film and gives shape to the sorrow at its center, a deep existential pain that requires an entire trans-dimensional journey on her mother’s part to resolve.

It’s no wonder that Hsu became one of 2022’s biggest breakout stars, but not every awards show has given her the attention she deserves. While the Screen Actors Guild included Hsu among its Supporting Actress nominees, the Golden Globes shut her out in favor of co-star Jamie Lee Curtis. It was a curious choice; while Curtis certainly contributes laughs throughout the film, her character does not define the film in as specific a way as Hsu. (In addition to Hsu, Curtis is also in the running for the supporting actress Oscar.)

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