Sun. Jan 29th, 2023
The Oscars Already Robbed Us of the Ceremony’s Best Moment


There are always things to complain about with the Oscar nominations—especially for us curmudgeonly film critics. My vote for the year’s biggest travesty was in before the nominees were even announced, however: The best original song of 2022 was snubbed.

Nobody Like U,” the pitch-perfect boy band earworm from Turning Red, failed to make the Academy’s submissions short list this year. Despite serving as one of the most stand-out moments of one of 2022’s most stand-out films, the 4*TOWN opus was deemed not up to Oscars caliber.

Yet “Nobody But U” comes with Oscar’s bonafides behind it, making this even more curious. Finneas O’Connell and Billie Eilish, who won the Best Original Song award in 2022, co-wrote each 4*TOWN song. Finneas also contributed vocals for one member of the fictional boy band, which Turning Red heroine Mei fawns over throughout the film.

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