Sun. Jan 29th, 2023
Jesse Watters’ Response to Classified Docs Searches: Just Destroy Them

Fox News

Rather than abide by the law and submit to a search for classified documents, Fox News host Jesse Watters suggested Tuesday that elected officials should instead destroy any questionable documents altogether to avoid any implication of trouble.

In a rare bipartisan moment, he even said that both President Joe Biden and now-former Vice President Mike Pence should have committed federal crimes to clear their names rather than willingly volunteer classified documents they may have mistakenly taken with them from the White House.

Watters began the day seeming extremely disappointed by the news that classified documents were found last week at Pence’s Indiana home. “Pence, seriously: we have this great thing going with Joe [Biden],” he complained on the Fox roundtable show The Five, prompting co-host Greg Gutfeld to gripe that Pence “ruined it.”

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