Wed. Feb 8th, 2023
Newsmax Hosts Beg Viewers to Get Congress to Help the Network


Newsmax hosts on Wednesday urged viewers to call members of Congress and “demand they investigate AT&T and DirecTV for potential discrimination against conservative media” following DirecTV’s cancellation of the pro-Trump network.

The network’s anchors appeared to all be reading from the same script during these segments, echoing the conservative outlet’s online reaction to the cable provider’s decision to drop Newsmax after renewal negotiations stalled. The previous deal expired at midnight on Wednesday, resulting in DirecTV pulling the channel from its lineup.

“If you are a DirecTV customer or even an AT&T customer of their products, like a cellphone, you can call them and ask them to oppose woke companies,” anchor Rob Finnerty, for instance, bellowed on Wednesday morning. “You can also cancel their services outright. You have many options where Newsmax is carried, you can also get our free app.”

Read more at The Daily Beast.


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