Mon. Mar 20th, 2023

    Tyler Posey Is Very Game for a ‘Teen Wolf’ Musical

    Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/Amazon

    When Teen Wolf concluded its six-season run in 2017, it hardly felt like the show was going away forever. Sure, its subject matter is no longer en vogue—in 2023, shirtless werewolves are hardly the mythical creature du jour, the era of Twilight is long gone, and squeaky-clean superheroes have pretty much come to monopolize the sci-fi-action genre. And yet, in its time on the air, the MTV series managed to build one of the most ardent (and horniest) fanbases on social media (“Sterek” posts still appear on my Tumblr homepage nearly six years later).

    It would be strange and, frankly, a bit silly if MTV didn’t eventually rekindle the onetime mega-popular series. Not to mention, the online omnipresence of Teen Wolf fan-favorite Dylan O’Brien has certainly driven demand for a revival.

    However, it was Teen Wolf’s titular star who ultimately did the dirty work of reuniting the cast for a feature film—or who at least voiced what MTV was already thinking.

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