Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

    The Best Facial Self-Tanners to Help You Fake a Post-Vacation Glow Without Clogging Your Pores

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    In 2022, having an enviable bronzed look for the summer can be achieved in a multitude of ways that won’t lead to premature aging or skin cancer. Whereas self-tanner horror stories were once common, nowadays, there are mists, lotions, drops, serums, overnight masks, and pretty much everything under the sun readily available to make your dream summer tan come to life.

    If you’re a self-tanner novice that is just now warming up to the idea of experimenting with it, it’s important to know there’s a big difference between the self-tanner you use for your body and self-tanner for your face. Simply put: you wouldn’t use the same products you use for your body on your face, right? And as your money maker, you want to use nothing but the very best when it comes to the products you use for your visage—no room for error here!

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