Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

    These TikTok-Viral Cleaning Products Are Worth the Hype

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    There are moments when you find yourself mindlessly scrolling on TikTok looking at the videos of dogs doing tricks or playing with cats—or just plain looking adorable—only to look at the time and realize you’ve been watching videos for the last two hours. Oops! And then there are times that you see something actually useful on TikTok that is a total game-changer. The social media platform has showcased so many viral products that are genius hacks and tools for cooking, beauty… you name it. However, some of my favorite finds have to be the ones that can help me tidy up my place with little to no effort on my end (so I can spend more time on TikTok, of course). I’m talking about CleanTok, and if you’ve wandered over to this side of TikTok before, you know there are some truly incredible products that everyone should have in their household.

    I mean, why do double the work when you can purchase a product that will get the job done quicker and probably more effective than you would have on your own? Not only does CleanTok provide some truly satisfying cleaning videos, but once you go down the rabbit hole, you’ll see that cleaning can actually be fun—when you have the right products, that is. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the incredibly useful TikTok cleaning products that will make cleaning your home so much easier.

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