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    Meghan Markle’s former BFF Jessica Mulroney jets to London just one week before coronation

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    Jessica Mulroney, Meghan Markle’s best friend, is on her way to London a week before King Charles’ coronation.

    The Canadian stylist, 43, who was previously close to the Duchess of Sussex, revealed on Instagram that she boarded a flight from Toronto to London today.

    Her visit, just eight days before King Charles’ coronation, comes as the Duchess herself will miss the Westminster Abbey ceremony.

    While Prince Harry, 38, will attend the coronation celebration in London, Meghan will stay home in Montecito, California, with Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet as little Archie celebrates his fourth birthday.

    It’s unclear what Jessica’s plans are when she arrives in London, but she arrives just in time to take part in a coronation street party.

    Jessica Mulroney, Meghan Markle’s former best friend, flew into London this morning, just a week before King Charles’ coronation

    She posted a picture of the screen in front of her as she boarded the Air Canada flight, writing, “Bye Toronto!” and indicated that she would go to sleep during the flight.

    The screen showed a ‘London guide’ with a picture of Big Ben, which is just meters away from Westminster Abbey, where the coronation will take place.

    Jessica and Meghan used to be very good friends, they met while the Duchess was just starting Suits.

    However, the friends seemed to become more distant in 2020 when the style guru was called out by lifestyle blogger Sasha Exeter for comments she’d made about white privilege, while the pair had a conversation about the Black Lives Matter movement.

    The 43-year-old stylist from Canada kept her head down as she strolled through the airport on arrival in the UK

    Jessica stood by her husband Ben as they collected their bags with a trolley after arriving at the airport

    The couple, looking fresh despite just coming off an overnight flight across the Atlantic, chatted as they waited for the lift

    Jessica rested her head on her husband Ben’s shoulder and shielded her eyes with sunglasses as they waited to leave the airport

    After getting off the long-haul flight, the couple collected their four suitcases before departing for their final destination

    Jessica (pictured) layered for the unusually cold spring weather in the UK, choosing double denim in jeans and a jacket, topped with a short trench coat, and carrying a longer coat

    Jessica paired her skinny blue jeans with a pair of cream Wellington-style boots, embellished with a chunky gold chain

    Jessica Mulroney, a former best friend of Meghan Markle, has revealed she is heading to London just days before King Charles’ coronation

    The Duchess of Sussex and Jessica (pictured in Toronto in 2015) met and became friends when Meghan first appeared in Suits

    Since the awkward moment, mother-of-three Jessica has kept quiet about her relationship with Meghan.

    Last month, Jessica shared photos on Instagram showing her having fun with friends on her birthday night out.

    She captioned the post, “I’m not a big party girl, but this year I wanted to celebrate some of the women who loved me and stood by me unconditionally.

    “I am so lucky to have so many smart girls in my life. And you too Ryan. I am a lucky lady.’

    Jessica’s visit to London comes as Gayle King, Meghan’s boyfriend, has insisted that the Sussexes are in a “really good place.”

    The presenter claimed the Sussexes are happier than ever, despite ongoing tensions with the royal family following their Netflix documentary and Harry’s memoir Spare.

    She told US Weekly, “I think they’re making the decision that’s best for them. But I think – as far as (as far as) his father (Charles) goes – I’m glad he’s going.”

    After the pair watched the LA Lakers cuddling this week but Meghan shying away from a public kiss from Harry on the jumbotron, Gayle said, “You’ve seen them together and I know what they’ve got is really, really blue.” And it’s good to see the happiness they give each other.”

    Meghan Markle’s former BFF Jessica Mulroney jets to London just one week before coronation


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