Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

    Biden’s ex-chief of staff claims ‘racism and sexism’ are the reason Kamala Harris is so unpopular

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    Biden’s ex-chief of staff claims ‘racism and sexism’ are why Kamala Harris is so unpopular — as White House desperately tries to improve her image for 2024



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    Joe Biden’s ex-chief of staff has attributed Kamala Harris’ poor approval ratings to “racism and sexism.”

    Ron Klain, who stepped down as the president’s top aide in January, said her critics were guilty of prejudice against the 58-year-old former California senator.

    The old Democratic political consultant said in an interview Thursday that Harris’unjustly causes a lot of grief.’

    ‘I think sexism and racism are part of the problem, there’s no question about that,” Klain said.

    Ron Klain, seen here after announcing his departure as Joe Biden’s chief of staff, claims criticism of Kamala Harris is motivated by sexism and racism.

    Vice President Kamala Harris appears 16 times in President Joe Biden’s new reelection video

    “She wasn’t well known in national politics before she became vice president. And I think she didn’t get credit for everything she did.

    “She’s a great contributor to the administration and I think hopefully she’ll get more and more recognition for that.”

    In a three-minute video announcing Biden’s plan to rejoin, Harris made a whopping 16 appearances.

    She is expected to target popular Democratic causes, such as spending on infrastructure and abortion rights.

    But the vice president struggled to impress in the early days of the Biden administration.

    She was seen as a weak media performer and was handed tough policy portfolios, such as accusations of preventing migration across the southern US border.

    There has also been an exodus of top executives from the vice president’s office, sparking rumors of

    Harris will be at the center of Joe Biden’s re-election bid amid concerns over whether he will be able to meet the demands of the campaign trail. ‘

    Biden’s decision to rejoin has brought back concerns about his age and his health

    Despite the Democratic grumbling about her, she is seen as Biden’s right-hand man

    If he wins and falls ill or is unable to complete his duties, Harris would succeed him. That reality will hang over their reelection bid in 2024.

    He will be 86 if he wins and serves four years in the White House.

    But Biden’s move to run for a second term is reportedly motivated in part by a belief that neither Harris nor any other Democrat can beat Donald Trump.

    The 76-year-old real estate magnate is currently the runaway favorite to win the Republican nomination, though his closest rival Ron DeSantis has yet to announce.

    Polling experts FiveThirtyEight say a 54.4 majority of American voters disapprove of Kamala Harris, compared to 42.6 of those who approve of her work.

    A separate survey published by US broadcaster NBC News found that 70 percent of adults believe that Biden should stop running because of his age.

    Biden’s ex-chief of staff claims ‘racism and sexism’ are the reason Kamala Harris is so unpopular


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