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    Drunk driver, 25, who killed bride on wedding night ‘was THREE times over the drink drive limit’

    Drunk driver, 25, who killed bride, 34, on her wedding night was THREE times over the drink-driving limit and told police she ‘did nothing wrong’, police say



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    A drunk driver who killed a bride just hours after her wedding was three times over the limit – telling police “she didn’t do anything wrong,” it is alleged.

    Jamie Lee Komoroski’s blood alcohol level was 0.261 after the April 28 impact that killed 34-year-old Samantha Hutchinson in Folly Beach, South Carolina, according to a toxicology report.

    Komoroski drove a rented Toyota Camry at 105 km/h in a 40 km/h zone, along a dimly lit residential street.

    Komoroski’s car crashed into the golf cart carrying the bride and groom, throwing it 100 yards and flipping over several times, killing Hutchinson and seriously injuring her new husband.

    Komoroski, 25, reportedly told responding officers in the aftermath of the crash: “Suddenly something hit me. I didn’t do anything wrong.’

    Jamie Komoroski, 25, has been charged with three counts of DUI resulting in grievous bodily harm or death and one count of reckless manslaughter

    Samantha and Aric are pictured on Folly Beach hours before the crash that would kill the bride and seriously injure her husband

    The slow-moving vehicle that Samantha and Aric rode in. The broken seat and shattered wheel axles give an idea of ​​the force of the fatal blow

    Komoroski, a waitress at a taco bar, allegedly admitted to drinking two drinks an hour before the smash: a beer and a tequila pineapple cocktail, the New York Post reported.

    Sergeant Zac Halpern of the Folly Beach Police Department reported that he asked her how drunk she was on a scale of one to ten, and she mumbled that she was an eight before demanding a lawyer.

    OOfficers responding to the scene attempted to administer a sobriety test, but Komoroski refused, yelling at her boyfriend.

    Police noted that she appeared to be trying to hide her eyes from them.

    The couple had married just before the crash on Folly Beach in South Carolina

    Jamie Lee Komoroski’s wrecked sedan, which ABC4 reported had pieces of Samantha Hutchinson’s wedding dress embedded in the bumper

    Aric Hutchinson was released from hospital this week after suffering numerous bone fractures and brain injuries in the crash

    Halpern tried to help her out of the car to check her balance, noting that she had trouble standing.

    Komoroski claimed she was fine, despite Halpern having to explain three times why she was arrested.

    ‘This is a clear indication of someone who is drunk; is to repeat over and over, after their question has already been answered,” Halpern wrote in the report.

    The crash seriously injured Hutchinson’s husband Aric, 36, and was only released from hospital earlier this week.

    Komoroski remains in jail, where she is held on three counts of drunk driving related to death and reckless homicide.

    Her next trial is scheduled for June.


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