Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

    NNA – Former Minister Mohammed Choucair launched the quot;Kulluna Li Beirutquot; gathering during a ceremony held in the Pavillon hall of the Seaside Arena complex at Beirutrsquo;s waterfront, in presence of a large crowd of official and political figures, religious dignitaries, economic and social leaders, and activists from various regions.

    The quot;Kulluna Li Beirutquot; (We are all for Beirut)nbsp;gathering is a national political gathering whose members share the same inclusive national ideas and principles, and constitutes wide groups of politicians and lawmen, economic and social influencers, thinkers, businessmen, businesswomen and activists.

    In his address on the occasion, Choucair said: ldquo;Our starting point is to consolidate the Sunni moderation, raise its voice, do justice to it, and mobilize it after all the damage and frustration that befell it, and that is based on our firm conviction that the recovery of the country occurs first with the recovery of all its components, without exception.rdquo;

    Choucair also emphasized that quot;restoring balance to Lebanon inevitably involves a return to the Arab embrace.quot;

    He continued to indicate that the gathering is well aware of the Lebanese structure, so one of its main priorities is to work on the recovery of the inner house to mobilize its youth and society and to encourage and motivate its people to engage in community and national life in order to secure national balance and preserve moderation, identity, the constitution and the homeland.

    ldquo;Kulluna Li Beirut gathering is viewed with high appreciation and respect because Lebanon possesses enormous and creative human resources and capabilities that have proven great competence in various fields and have recorded impressive achievements at home and in the world at large, and have always been the secret to its steadfastness and distinction and will be the pillar of its advancement and development,rdquo; Choucair underscored.

    quot;Today is the starting moment, the beginning of work and struggle to gather #39;Kulluna Li Beirut#39;nbsp;and to set out in the homeland with openness and with a solid national partnership in order to build a new Lebanon that is up to the ambition and aspirations of every Lebanese,quot; Choucair concluded.




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