Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

NNA – Hezbollahrsquo;s media relations departmentnbsp;issued a statement on Sunday, in which it indicated that the British newspaper, The Times, has published an article by writer Anthony Lloyd, which was republished by quot;The Sunday Timesquot; and a number of Western and Arab media outlets and websites, claiming that itnbsp;had conducted a press interview with what it called quot;a veteran military commander in Hezbollahrdquo; andnbsp;to whom itnbsp;attributed a number of political and military positions.

The party#39;s statement underlined that quot;Hezbollah#39;s media relations department affirms that the alleged interview is nothing but a cheap fabrication of the writer#39;s imagination and false claims, and strongly denies that the aforementioned journalistnbsp;has conducted an interview with a partynbsp;official in the first place.quot;

The Hezbollah statementnbsp;regretted quot;the dangerous professional and moral decline to which this newspaper and a large number of Western media outlets have fallen, far from what they claimed of professionalism, objectivity, accuracy and impartiality, claims that completely fell during the coverage of the Zionist aggression against Gaza and Lebanon.quot;