Sun. Jan 29th, 2023

Dear Reader,

I am so excited! My book, “The Year Ahead 2022” with the subtitle (a bonus chapter) called “The Grand Mutation of Saturn Conjunct Jupiter, A New 200-Year Cycle that Will Rapidly Shift Life as We Know it” is ready for you to buy as an eBook.

I wanted to get this manuscript to you quickly, so I chose to do an eBook and not print it on paper. I particularly wanted my international readers to have access to it, so I went to a company named BookBaby (which has nothing to do with babies) that could distribute my eBook internationally.

The forecasts for all 12 signs comprises 50,000 words, and the bonus chapter on the Grand Mutation, where I look ahead 200 years, comprises 9,300 words. I did much research for that chapter, and I welcome your comments. You and I could have a lively discussion on Twitter or Twitter Spaces (similar to Clubhouse, as it’s audio with no typing). I want to hear what you have to say, so stay tuned for free social media events.

This is the full, uncut 50,000-word manuscript that was in the beauty boxes I did with InStyle for “The Cosmic Collection” that was introduced in November 2021. The editors used only a small portion of what I had written for each of the signs because, of course, it was impossible to print everything and still have it fit into the beauty box chock full of skin care, wellness products, and cosmetics. I wanted you to have the uncut manuscript because I had been so specific about the dates to watch (and use), and due to contractual agreements, I was not permitted to release this to you until now.


To download your book, you can go to:

Amazon for Kindle:

BookBaby (nothing to do with babies) prints eBook in all formats at their eBook store:

You can also download a copy onto your Apple device—iPhone, iPad, or Mac, by using the Apple iBooks app. Search for “Year Ahead 2022 by Susan Miller” in the iBooks app—there are no links for Apple. You’ll see my photo in a circle on the cover and the words “Grand Mutation of Saturn and Jupiter.” Along the top of the cover, it says Founder of

My eBook will also be available on these eBook retailers in English globally:

Amazon Kindle

Apple iBooks

Barnes & Noble


Baker & Taylor








Stay tuned for virtual events we can all participate in!

I hope you enjoy June—it sparkles, with many outstanding days and brings much to be excited about.


Best wishes,


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