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    Claudia Winkleman to quit BBC Radio 2 show

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    Claudia Winkleman has announced she will stop presenting her BBC Radio 2 Saturday morning show next year.

    After three years of presenting from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., the station announced in the December 2 program that it will present its last edition in March.

    Comedian and actor Romesh Ranganathan, who currently hosts a show on the station from midnight to 1 a.m. on Saturdays, will take over Winkleman’s schedule in April.

    Winkleman said: “I love Radio 2 and it has been a privilege to present the Saturday morning show for three years.

    “I will miss our amazing guests, our brilliant listeners and the one and only Sally Traffic.

    “The truth is that my children are growing excessively fast, so I have decided to follow them around the house before they leave permanently.

    “I am incredibly grateful to everyone who works on the show, I will continue to visit them with poorly made cookies and pester the bosses to come up with the occasional special.”

    She added that she “couldn’t be happier” than Ranganathan, who will fill in for her on Saturday mornings.

    “He laughs out loud in a bright, funny way, and every week I hear my children beg me to leave them alone,” she added.

    Claudia Winkleman to quit BBC Radio 2 show


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