Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

    Woman Who Threw Chipotle Bowl at Worker Sentenced to Fast-Food Job

    An Ohio woman, Rosemary Hayne, is set to receive a lesson in customer service following an incident where she threw a freshly made Chipotle burrito bowl in the face of an employee. The incident, captured on video, led to a court hearing on Nov. 28, where Hayne was initially sentenced to 180 days in jail.

    However, Parma Municipal Court Judge Timothy P. Gilligan decided to suspend 90 days of the sentence and presented Hayne with an alternative for the remaining 90 days. She could reduce her jail time by 60 days if she agreed to work at a fast-food restaurant for 20 hours a week during that period. Hayne accepted the deal, prompting Gilligan to postpone her jail time until March 12, 2024, while she finds a job.

    During the court session, Hayne apologized to the employee, 17-year-old Emily Russell, explaining that her actions were prompted by dissatisfaction with the appearance of her burrito bowl. Russell, traumatized by the incident, subsequently quit her job at Chipotle. She expressed support for the judge’s sentencing decision.

    “She’s going to get what she deserves,” Russell told local media. “She’s going to learn how to work in fast food and hopefully it will be good.”

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