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    Rifles, Pounds of Drugs Seized After Felon Skips Court in Kansas, Arrested in Nashville

    NASHVILLE (MNPD) – Nashvillian Troy Douglas’ decision to skip a Kansas court appearance has landed him in more hot water, on top of being free on a $130,000 bond tied to a Davidson County indictment charging him with aggravated kidnapping, three counts of aggravated assault, and auto burglary, all related to a 2021 domestic violence case involving his former girlfriend.

    Douglas was arrested in Junction City, Kansas, last November on his way to Nashville with 250 pounds of marijuana. He posted a $150,000 bond. When he did not return for court, a bench warrant with full extradition was issued in Kansas. Authorities there learned that Douglas was staying at 1536 14th Avenue North and requested the MNPD’s assistance in locating him.

    Troy Douglas, 31

    On Thursday, undercover Specialized Investigations Division detectives were watching the home when Douglas came outside and got into his truck. He was immediately taken into custody. A bag of marijuana was recovered from the vehicle. Douglas was very uncooperative. He denied coming out of the home, denied living there (electricity is in his name), and denied owning the truck (it is registered to him). Given the totality of the circumstances, a search warrant was issued for the home. Inside detectives recovered 51 pounds of marijuana, two AR-15 rifles, one of which had no serial number and was fully automatic with a loaded 100-round drum magazine, 106 grams of cocaine, and 3 grams of hallucinogenic mushrooms. Three vehicles registered to Douglas were seized.

    Douglas was booked into the Metro Jail on a charge of being a fugitive from Kansas. Detectives will also be charging him with possession of marijuana and cocaine for resale, gun possession during the commission of a dangerous felony (Crooks with Guns law), and unlawful gun possession by a convicted felon. Douglas has a prior felony marijuana conviction in his past.

    Douglas is due to appear in Criminal Court on the domestic violence indictment on January 22.

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