Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

NNA – MP Simon Abi Ramia wrote today on platformnbsp;ldquo;Xrdquo;: ldquo;Approving the state budget yesterday following the amendments endorsed by the Finance and Budget Committee headed by our colleague Ibrahim Kanaan denotednbsp;a national duty, despite the consensus on the absence of an economic vision…Therefore,nbsp;determining the priorities is more than necessary so that we do not get lost in temporary settlements, which include the election of the President of the Republic, forming a government whose mission is to develop a rescue plan in various sectors, with its basic pillars being the completion of the financial forensicnbsp;audit, determiningnbsp;and distributingnbsp;losses, returning depositors#39; money, banks restructuring, expandingnbsp;financial amp; administrative decentralization, establishing a Trust Fund, reaching a final solution for the return of displaced Syrians to Syria,nbsp;establishing a Senate,nbsp;defense strategy….quot;

Abi Ramia concluded: quot;All of these headlines require national awakening and commitment by all political forces…This is the only road map, otherwise the Lebanon we know and love will disappear!quot;


=========R Sh.