Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

    ‘Emily in Paris’ Star Shares Update After Hospitalization for Septic Shock

    Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

    Ashley Park, the Broadway and Emily in Paris star, reassured fans Sunday that she’s on the mend after a nightmarish health scare that saw her hospitalized earlier this month.

    On Jan. 19, Park—who plays Mindy Chen, best friend to the Netflix show’s eponymous heroine—revealed that she’d contracted a case of tonsillitis that had rapidly “spiraled into critical septic shock” while on a recent Maldives getaway with co-star Paul Forman. The infection had attacked several of her organs, she wrote on Instagram, causing her “excruciating pain” as she endured a bevy of “scans and tests and injections.”

    “I am grateful that my health has improved despite what we had initially been told,” Park said in the post.

    Read more at The Daily Beast.


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