Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

    Nikki Haley Rally Interrupted by Furious ‘America First’ Heckler


    Nikki Haley on Sunday was given a stark reminder of what she’s up against in the Republican primary race when she was forced to deal with a front-row heckler spouting a Donald Trump slogan during an event in her home state of South Carolina.

    The former U.N. ambassador was speaking on stage at Coastal Carolina University about Iran and President Joe Biden’s foreign policy in the wake of a drone attack that killed 3 U.S. soldiers in Jordan. “He’s gotta start making sure that we show American strength,” Haley said, prompting an angry protester to yell in response: “No new wars!”

    “I’m done with the military-industrial complex!” the man could be heard adding. Haley assured the man that “none of us want new wars,” to which the heckler replied: “We know where your money’s coming from, Nikki. We know. And we’re sick of the wars—we want America First.”

    Read more at The Daily Beast.


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