Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

    Queen Elizabeth Thought Diana Might Be Better Suited to Prince Andrew: Report

    Terry Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images)”

    Diana and Andrew?

    It’s easy to forget just beset by turmoil the royal family was in the 1990’s, as Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ so-called “War of the Waleses” threatened to tear the institution apart. From today’s perspective, it seems rather extraordinary that these two married at all, given not just the 12-year age gap and Charles’ ongoing affection for Camilla Parker Bowles but also the fact that they shared no interests.

    In a new book, My Mother And I, a portrait of the relationship between Charles and his mother Queen Elizabeth, excerpted in the Daily Mail this week, author Ingrid Seward says that Diana, intoxicated by royal glamor “determinedly … set out to become the Princess of Wales.”

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