Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

    NNA – quot;Lebanese Forcesquot; Party leader, Samir Geagea, along with his wife, member of the quot;Strong Republicquot; Bloc, MP Strida Geagea, on Tuesday welcomed US Ambassador to Lebanon, Lisa Johnson, in Maarab.nbsp;

    The meeting reportedly focused on Lebanese and regional developments. quot;We are currently witnessing a race between escalating wars and increasingly active diplomacy, Geagea said, stressing that quot;the only ray of hope lies in placing the Palestinian issue among the priorities.rdquo;

    Geagea also noted the ongoing efforts to address the Palestinian conflict, ldquo;which will ultimately lead to regional de-escalation.rdquo;

    The presidential dossier was also addressed during the meeting. Geagea affirmed, quot;In Lebanon, we have a constitution and genuine institutions. Our main task is to reactivate these institutions and remove the obstructionist grip on them to enable the production of effective solutions to the crisis created by those who have become known to everyone.quot;nbsp;

    ldquo;Lebanese people only ask the international community to help stop the obstruction and revive life in institutions, especially the parliament, which is the main gateway to the solution, by holding real and genuine presidential election sessions, not symbolic ones as has happened so far. MPs are called upon to fulfill their constitutional duty in consecutive sessions,rdquo; he added.nbsp;

    Geagea extended his best wishes to Ambassador Johnson in her new role, expressing gratitude to the United States for its support to Lebanon and its institutions.nbsp;

    He hoped for the continuation of this support, especially for ldquo;the military institutions striving to maintain security and stability during this turbulent and critical phase in Lebanon#39;s history and the region.rdquo;




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