Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

    Pringles’ New Collab With The Caviar Co. Is the Ultimate High-Low V-day Treat

    Scouted/The Daily Beast/The Caviar Co.

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    It’s official: fashion’s enduring ‘quiet luxury’ movement has made its way into the culinary zeitgeist courtesy of Pringles’ latest collab with The Caviar Co. (and, largely, to this viral TikTok trend). Frankly, the partnership is a match made in foodie heaven—it’s the perfect high-low treat for caviar novices and caviar snobs alike.

    The Caviar Co.’s M.O. is making caviar fun, sexy, approachable, and accessible without sacrificing quality, and the limited-edition drop with the beloved potato chip brand is the perfect embodiment of its efforts. The limited collection includes three caviar tasting kits, ranging from just $40 to just $140, making it a fabulous last-minute gift to create an elevated Valentine’s Day snack or just a bougie “girl dinner” on any budget.

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