Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

    Meet Laika, the Chatbot That Acts Like a Social Media Obsessed Teen


    The website opens with a shaky livestream that feels out of the Blair Witch Project: as a disembodied hand pans across a dark, clothing-strewn bedroom, a girlish voice tells viewers that she uses makeup to “delete the ugly” and believes the world will end in five years. As imaginary followers leave the stream, the voice begins to shout, then plead:

    “Please, can you stay a little longer?”

    This is Laika 13, a chatbot designed by a team of Swedish AI experts and a neuroscientist meant to illustrate the familiar worst-case scenario: a teen who spends 100 percent of her time—beyond eating and sleeping—on social media and is plagued by a battery of related mental health issues.

    Read more at The Daily Beast.


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