Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

    Montreal Teacher Caught Selling Students’ Art Projects Online: Report

    RJ Sangosti/Getty Images

    Administrators at a suburban Montreal public school have launched an investigation into an art teacher accused of selling his students’ work online for more than $100 each.

    Mario Perron’s dubious extracurricular hustle was discovered on Wednesday by a pupil who found a web store with listings for drawings they and others had made in class at Westwood Junior High School in Saint-Lazare, according to CTV News. The student told a teacher, and from there, word spread throughout the school, the outlet reported.

    One parent, whose 12-year-old daughter drew a “creepy portrait” allegedly offered by Perron for prices up to $151 Canadian—about $110 USD—on four different sites, told CTV that he had serious ethical concerns about the situation and was “extremely disgusted” by Perron. His child’s drawing can be purchased as a $118 print, on a $55 T-shirt, or as an iPhone case for $35, all of which he described to CTV as “unbelievable.”

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