Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

NNA – Several civilians were killed and dozens of others were injured after midnight on Tuesday in violent Israeli shelling that targeted Gaza City and the tent city of al-Mawasi areanbsp;northwest of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, where thousands of internally displaced persons are seeking shelter.

According to local sources, the occupation warplanes bombed the tents of the displaced people in Mawasi, leading to the killing of at least 7 citizens and the injury of dozens more.

The shelling led to the outbreak of fires in the tents.

The Mawasi area was previously designated as a safe zone by the Israeli occupation. It is located in southern Rafah#39;s so-called ldquo;safe areardquo;, and was subjected to repeated Israeli military attacks, leaving dozens of casualties and destruction. Humanitarian conditions are extremely dire in the tent city of al-Mawasi; a home for thousands of displaced people seeking refuge in the Israeli-declared safe zone.

The occupation warplanes and artillery also bombarded the Saudi neighborhood west of Rafah. Heavy drone attacks on the neighborhood were also reported.

Israeli warplanes bombed the tents of the displaced people southwest of Khan Yunis city, south of the Strip.

Israeli fighter jets also targeted the homes of citizens in the town of all-Mughraqa,nbsp;north of the Nuseirat refugee camp in the center of the Gaza Strip.

Several civilians were also killed during the predawn hours on Wednesday in an Israeli shelling of Gaza City and the central governorate.

Local sources said that six civilians were killed in an Israeli air strike on the house of the Abu Safia family in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood of Gaza City.

Rescue crews and citizens were also able to recover the bodies of three people who were killed in an Israeli bombing in the northwestern area of the Nuseirat camp.

The occupation artillery also renewed its bombardment of the Zeitoun neighborhood southeast of Gaza City.

The number of civilians killed since the beginning of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip on October 7, 2023, has risen to more than 37,372, most of them children and women. At least 85,452 others have been wounded.

Thousands of victims remain missing; either buried under the rubble or scattered on the roads, as rescue teams face tremendous difficulties in reaching them due to the continued Israeli attacks and the massive amount of debris.–WAFA