Sat. Jan 28th, 2023
Say What You Will About Kim Kardashian—Her Shapewear Line Reigns Supreme

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I know I’m late to the game here (Kim Kardashian’s shapewear brand launched back in 2019), but until recently, I hadn’t tried SKIMS’ coveted shapewear range. Last year, I fell in love with SKIMS’ seamless and cotton basics, including the seamless t-shirt and underwear, so when I was on the hunt for some shapewear styles to wear under my wedding dress the other month, I figured I might as well give SKIMS a try.

Just to be sure I had all my bases covered for the big day, I decided to try three of SKIMS’ best-selling shapewear pieces: the Waist Trainer, the Sheer Sculpt Low Back Short, and the Sculpting Short Above the Knee With Open Gusset. I also got their almost-always-sold-out Soft Lounge Slip Dress, which isn’t shapewear, but I couldn’t recommend it more—it looks amazing on literally everybody. Full disclosure: the package sadly did not make it in time for my wedding (thanks a lot, Memorial Day Weekend delays!), but yes, I survived my big day without them and have been testing out my shapewear post-nuptials with plenty of summer bodycon dresses.

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