Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

    Tag: accuse

    33 states accuse Meta of having a big ‘open secret’ — millions of underage users
    Furious Oreo fans accuse cookie company of sneakily scrimping on its creme filling in latest ‘shrinkflation scandal’ – so what do YOU think?

    Antisemitic activist screams ‘free Palestine’ as he’s sentenced to seven years in prison for beating Jewish man in Times Square mob attack in 2021: Family accuse judge of being ‘racist’
    ‘Pallywood propaganda’: Pro-Israeli accounts online accuse Palestinians of staging their suffering

    Shocking moment MIT student interrupts class to accuse college, Israel and the U.S. of perpetuating genocide before chant of ‘free, free Palestine’ breaks out – as tycoon Bill Ackman slams ‘failure of leadership’
    Harvard Students Accuse Obama of ‘Genocide’ in Pro-Palestine ‘Die-In’

    Armenia, Azerbaijan accuse each other other of cross-border firing

    58 New Victims Accuse ‘Sadistic, Perverted’ NYC Doc of Horrific Abuse

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