Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

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Covid pandemic could have been avoided and contained in Wuhan, professor claims: Expert’s book reveals Chinese mistakes that allowed virus to spread around the world
Americans stunned Aussies are allowed to bring one surprising item into Taylor Swift concerts

A recently extended Denver guaranteed basic-income program gave people up to $1,000 a month. A participant said it allowed him to pay rent and gave him hope to keep providing for his kids

Lindsay Shiver is allowed to return to the US for CHRISTMAS despite facing charges in the Bahamas for plot with hitman and lover to kill her ex-NFL player husband
Sir Alex Ferguson’s inside JOKE that allowed the Glazers to take control, the mistake fans can’t forgive them… and why Sir Jim Ratcliffe isn’t the answer: the incredible story of Man United’s decline revealed in new book

The Texas Supreme Court has paused an order that allowed a pregnant woman to have an abortion despite the state’s ban
Your local Subway will no longer be allowed to reject digital coupons or avoid the $5 footlong deal 

Trump should be allowed to pressure witnesses in his election interference case depending on ‘the context,’ his lawyer tells judges
Najeeb Khan sentenced to prison for $180million scam that saw him buy luxury cars and planes – with his wife allowed to keep $1M home