Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

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Andy Reid ‘sold his coaching soul’ for the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win in Las Vegas by allowing Travis Kelce to ‘attack’ him during that sideline meltdown, claims analyst Skip Bayless
Trump’s comments about allowing Russia to attack NATO countries are ‘appalling and unhinged,’ the White House says

A boomer shares how Lyft driving has been a retirement hack — supplementing his income while allowing him to draw on his Social Security without penalty
Trump called a judge a ‘bad person’ for not allowing him to travel for a funeral. His calendar says he’s got a campaign event that day.

Mortgage rates could fall below 5% next year, emboldening US consumers and allowing banks to ‘re-liquify,’ Fundstrat’s Tom Lee says
Texas Supreme Court temporarily HALTS lower court ruling allowing pregnant mother, 31, to have an abortion at 20 weeks after she learned her fetus has fatal condition

Family of Wall Street trader, 27, who took his life after losing $700,000 online claim he became ‘impulsive’ after suffering traumatic brain injury as they sue broker for allowing his risky investments
MrBeast called out TikTok for allowing a deepfake version of him hawking $2 iPhones to run wild on the app: ‘This is a serious problem’