Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

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    FTX spent $1 million removing one doorway and adding another after a dispute over feng shui, biography says
    79% of Iowa Republicans say they would vote for a candidate OTHER than Trump – as he skips another debate and recovers from brutal fraud ruling

    Sam Newman makes bombshell confession about his call to boo Welcome to Country at the AFL Grand Final as he launches another attack on the ceremony
    Biden’s Dog ‘Commander’ Bites Another Secret Service Agent; 11th Biting Incident Involving POTUS’ Pet

    Jets head coach Robert Saleh announces QB Zach Wilson will remain New York’s starter despite another poor performance as the team falls to 1-2 since Aaron Rodgers’ injury
    Russia woos Haftar, but can the Derna floods give Libyans another chance?

    My Mum, Your Dad: Roger finds love with Janey while another couple calls it quits – as the shocking twist is revealed in the FINAL episode
    Kevin McCarthy Takes Yet Another L in Shutdown Sh*tfight

    Angola Juveniles Moved From One Adult Prison to Another
    Confider #80: Another ‘Ugly’ Hollywood Fight, the Murdoch Book Bubble, and NYT Sports RIP

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