Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

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Wonka Experience Organizers Deliver Devastating Apology
Virginia Lt. Gov. Makes Bizarre Apology Speech After Misgendering Trans Lawmaker

West Ham striker Michail Antonio issues public apology to Liverpool after ‘deluded’ prediction that his side would finish above them this season

Justin Timberlake dismissed Britney Spears’ public apology during a concert in New York to make clear that he “will no longer serve her or her fans” and that he no longer cares about “anyone’s feelings but his own.”
Kevin! Spirit Airlines is forced to make groveling apology after putting unaccompanied six-year-old boy on WRONG flight in scenes reminiscent of Home Alone 2

Read Sidney Powell’s 13-word apology letter that helped her land a plea deal in the Georgia election interference case
Trump Co-Defendants Pen VERY Brief Apology Letters for Election Crimes

Alex Murdaugh Goes on Rambling Apology Tour at Sentencing
Furious mother of girl, 11, who was left with a bald patch after an arcade ticket machine ‘ripped her hair out’, claims the family were offered ‘a free slushie’ as an apology