Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

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Ship Attacked Weeks Ago by Houthi Rebels Sinks in Red Sea
Ipswich mum-of-three Skye James scolded for ‘chronic negligence’ after her dog escaped and attacked a man on a mobility scooter

Elon Musk attacked my article accusing him of gaming Twitter’s algorithm for more attention. In some ways, it gave him exactly what he wanted.
Pregnant woman attacked in Hyattsville: police

Elite Navy diver Paul de Gelder made headlines around the world when he was attacked by a bull shark in Sydney Harbor in 2009… and you won’t believe what he’s doing now
Microsoft says Russian hackers attacked it to find information about themselves

‘When food trucks arrive in Gaza, they are immediately attacked and looted’
Second.  Mike Pompeo warns Biden’s leniency toward Iran is coming back to ‘haunt’ US after Navy SEALs, ships attacked in Red Sea: Houthi ‘quasi-designation’ reveals ‘failed’ policies “from the administration, says Trump’s former Secretary of State