Mon. May 27th, 2024

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Republicans vote unanimously to ban basic income programs in a state with one of the highest homelessness rates
Arizona Republicans call basic income payments ‘unearned,’ introduce a bill to ban them

Texas state lawmaker criticizes ‘universal basic income’ programs: ‘We can’t just hand out money like popcorn on street corners’

A guaranteed basic income program in Minneapolis found that even after a year of giving recipients $500 a month, they weren’t working any less
Republican lawmakers in Iowa seek to block guaranteed basic income programs, calling them ‘insane’

Texas senator says the plan to give poor residents a $500 guaranteed basic income is unconstitutional
E. Jean Carroll judge bench-slaps Trump’s attorney 14 times over basic lawyering in a single day of testimony

This basic bean soup has been served every day in the Senate for over 100 years and symbolizes why we need more flavor in Congress
A yearlong basic income experiment in New Jersey helped residents buy groceries and pay rent, the city’s mayor said. Now they’re expanding the program.