Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

Tag: blasted

A mysterious rock orbiting Earth appears to be a chunk of the moon that was blasted away by a meteorite
A welding business that tried to pay $23,500 with coins is being blasted by a Colorado judge for acting in ‘bad faith’

A Goldman partner reportedly blasted Apple’s savings accounts as a mistake: ‘We should have never done this f—ing thing’
An Iowa Republican state lawmaker switched his support from Trump to DeSantis after the ex-president blasted Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds over her neutrality in the 2024 GOP primary

Photos from Ukraine’s offensive show how US Bradley IFVs are kicking butt even when they get blasted by Russia
Russian military bloggers are losing their minds over reports that a Russian unit was blasted by artillery while waiting 2 hours for their commander to give a motivational speech

Prince Harry Blasted for ‘Wasting Court Time’ as He Fails to Show up at His Own Trial
Humiliation for Putin’s ‘Unstoppable’ Superweapons Blasted Out of Sky by U.S. Defense System

Bridezilla blasted for criticising friend who refuses to dye ‘unsightly’ grey hairs for the wedding
Israel blasted after riot police attacks worshippers in Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque