Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

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The B-21 Raider took its first flight just 2 months ago, but the Pentagon is already sure it wants more of its new stealth bomber

Ukraine says it downed a Russian Su-24M bomber as it was trying to launch a missile strike
Ukraine says its Vampire bomber drone is such a nightmare for Russian troops they call it the ‘Baba Yaga,’ a mythical evil creature

Russia’s bomber fleet hasn’t fired cruise missiles at Ukraine for a month, a sign its stocks are dwindling, UK intel says
Russia is painting decoy Tu-95 strategic bombers on the tarmac of its main bomber air base, report says

Suicide bomber detonates device near interior ministry in Turkish capital

Drone attack on key Russian bomber highlights Ukraine’s ‘psychological’ reach deep within Russia’s own borders, experts say
RAW VIDEO: Suicide Bomber At Political Rally In Pakistan Kills At Least 40, Injures 130