Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

    Tag: customers

    Walgreens debuts new ‘anti-theft’ store with just two aisles where customers shop for themselves
    Dollar General sinks 19% on a slashed profit outlook as company says its budget-sensitive customers are relying more on food banks and credit cards

    A Chinese EV billionaire’s wealth has plummeted 75% to $1.4 billion as aggressive price wars push customers to higher-tier cars — like Tesla or BYD
    A retailer just blocked 42,000 customers from its site for returning too many items. It could trigger a new wave of returns backlash.

    Target says it’s axing some Pride month merchandise after its workers faced a deluge of threats and violent confrontations with customers
    I’m a bartender – here’s what I say to customers worried about calories

    Wendy’s will start using Chatbots to take orders and underground robots to deliver to customers
    Inflation brought higher-income customers to Walmart, and the retailer’s determined to keep them coming back

    19 Republican states accuse JPMorgan of closing bank accounts and discriminating against customers due to their religious or political beliefs

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