Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

    Tag: district

    The Proud Boys Came to Their School District. These Parents Fought Back.
    Almighty Fail: Utah School District Bans the Bible

    Michigan school district now bans veteran’s memoir Jarhead after complaints

    Floating tiny homes in London’s financial district are on sale for $300,000. Take a look inside.
    The world’s biggest publisher is suing a Florida school district for banning books by writers including Toni Morrison and Khaled Hosseini

    BREAKING: Baseball Bat-Wielding Assailant Attacks Staff Members of Rep. Connolly At His District Office, Cops Say
    Congressman who represents Allen, Texas, says people who think ‘prayers aren’t cutting it’ as a solution to gun violence ‘don’t believe in an almighty god who is absolutely in control of our lives.’ 9 people died in a mass shooting in his district today.

    Virginia Rep. Jennifer Wexton reveals Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis but says its not a ‘death sentence’ and vows to continue serving her district

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