Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

    Tag: emails!

    American Express CEO shares his intense daily routine — 17-hour days that start at 5:45 am and end at 10:30 pm. He answers emails for 3 hours.
    Republicans now accuse Hunter Biden’s lawyers of LEAKING details of collapsed plea deal – and warn they will demand president’s son testify if they don’t hand over emails and communications

    Eastman Dares Critics to Find Damaging Emails. They’re Already Public.
    Inside Citadel’s $19,000-a-month summer internship, where interns are taught how to schmooze and are judged on the length of their emails

    Georgia prosecutors found texts and emails that link Trump’s legal team to a voting breach, report says
    Colleague Shares Jan. 6 Emails From Ex-Pence Adviser Who Endorsed Trump

    Boston Mayor Michelle Wu to produce evidence, emails about her ‘enemies list’, court orders
    A man who runs the web domain for a Russian-allied country says the US military has been accidentally sending him millions of emails for 10 years, including sensitive information like a general’s travel itinerary

    Microsoft discovered US state department emails were being hacked by China — and the investigation began the same day Blinken visited Beijing
    These workers say they’re saving time by using ChatGPT to write blogs, emails, and contracts: ‘It’s a game changer’

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