Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

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    Vegan food blogger Nisha Vora tried ChatGPT for recipes. She says they’re edible — but not exactly great.
    The call to regulate AI is getting louder.  But how exactly do you regulate such technology?

    Trump Indictment: He Knew Exactly What He Was Doing
    Florida drag queen says DeSantis-backed anti-LGBTQ laws are ‘exactly what we were taught about in schools about how the Nazis rose to power’

    The New ‘Ted Lasso’ Season Gives Fans Exactly What They Want—For Better and Worse
    6 ways to support a colleague after a layoff and exactly what you should say if you want to reach out

    Wharton professor Jeremy Siegel outlines exactly how he sees the stock market, inflation, and the economy playing out in 2023. Here are the best 9 quotes from the interview.
    Cristiano Ronaldo: Piers Morgan claims Man United star is EXACTLY what Arsenal need to win the title

    Meta has burned $15 billion trying to build the metaverse — and nobody’s saying exactly where the money went
    The small-budget horror film ‘Smile’ is dominating the box office — a sign that the horror genre is exactly what movie theaters need

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