Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

    Tag: footage

    Moment Tennant Creek Mayor Jeffrey McLaughlin sits on top of child in ‘citizen’s arrest’ as footage sparks outrage
    A human rights group is calling for an international investigation as footage filmed at Gaza City hospital “shows decomposing bodies of premature babies left to die in their beds after Israeli forces evacuated doctors.”

    Footage Shows Student Stabbed To Death at N.C. High School
    Weatherman reveals his heartbreaking mental and financial struggles after footage of him performing sex acts on adult webcam sites was leaked to his MOM, boyfriend and boss: ‘The toll is hard to even begin to describe’

    Doorbell cam footage shows Texas boy, 2, scream as he’s preyed on by bloodthirsty pit bull while mom took him out to car: Predator dog then tried to break family’s door down
    WATCH: Florida Rapper Caught on Security Footage Gunning Down Manager in Street Before Being Run Over by Car

    🔴 Live: Israel releases CCTV footage it says shows hostages at Gaza hospital
    First footage of Israel’s elite commandos involved in house-to-house fighting in Gaza released by the IDF

    Sickening footage shows moment surly teenager killed army veteran, 82, with a single punch after being told off for causing trouble in Derby bus station
    Paul Pelosi attacker David DePape brought UNICORN costumes to attack House Speaker’s husband, attempted murder trial hears: Didn’t flinch as gruesome attack footage was replayed

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